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Seamless gutters are typically custom measured, cut and built at the job site using a machine that forms the gutter to a selected length from a roll of Aluminum. The old style gutters were assembled on site typically in ten foot lengths which meant a seam every ten feet. Most repairs done on old gutter systems involve leaking seams. At Statewide we also use a full corner.


  • A Gutter, is a narrow trough that is attached to the outer edge (Fascia) of the roof. The Gutter used by Statewide is a 5” or 6” gutter unless a larger size is special ordered. The gutter is meant to collect water from the roof and redirect it away from the building and foundation by use of a down spout.
  • A Down Spout, is an aluminum pipe that allows rainwater to drain from the roof to the ground. While typically running down the corners of a building, a downspout can be attached almost anywhere in the gutter run to accommodate a particular need. The older installations used downs that are 3” and the newer Down Spouts we use are 4” and drains away the water at a greater rate.
  • A Hanger, is a devise used to attach the gutter to the fascia. The hangers are also aluminum and are screw into the fascia typically every two feet.
  • An End Cap, is the piece that closes and seals the end of the gutter. In one length of gutter you will have two end caps.
  • A Corner, is a complete pre-manufactured corner that is used to turn the gutter run 90 degrees.
  • A Bay Corner, is a corner less than 90 degrees that is used to redirect the gutter i.e. above a bay window.
5″ Seamless Gutters, are typical for use on the average size home and in some cases smaller commercial buildings. A typical one foot section of 5-inch gutter can hold 1.2 gallons of water.
6” Seamless Gutters, are typical for use on larger homes and homes with Steeper than average roof slope. 6” should also be the choice for commercial buildings. A typical one foot section of 6-inch gutter can hold 2 gallons of water, almost twice as much (98%) water per foot compared to the 5″gutter.
Leaf guard which is also called gutter guard is a great alternative to cleaning your gutters. Our gutter guard does not interfere with fascia, shingles or roof sheeting. Gutter guards will keep the debris from getting in the gutters and clogging them.

Gutters do not always need replacing. We can evaluate your gutters and give you an estimate for repair or cleaning in lieu of replacement. Many times the fall may need adjusting. The fall is the downward pitch of the gutter causing the water to flow toward the down spout.  Clean gutters keep the water flowing, clogged gutters cause water to sit in the gutter. Water not flowing correctly will over flow and may damage fascia and roof sheeting. If gutters are not cleaned leaves and other debris will collect in the gutter. This can cause overflow and added stress from the weight causing the gutter to pull away from the fascia or collapse.


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